Preschool room

In addition to our daily adventures, at Little Bears Day Nursery we also celebrate world cultures on special days which is hugely popular with our preschool children. Talk to our friendly staff about our programme.

Preschool programme

In preparation for the preschool children’s transition to primary school, we have designed a programme for them that is based on the foundation stage of the National Curriculum.

Creative activities

Creative activities and imaginative games are a vital part of a child’s development. Our games include paper-mâché modelling, water play, cooking, dancing, singing, signing, storytelling, dressing up and drama.

Guz’s Guys

At Little Bears we are almost unique in being able to care for children in particularly small groups, from Guz’s Guys, our pre-school children, through Daisy’s Dudes and Trumpets Toddlers to Tipo’s Tots. At times, we also bring together children of different ages because it exposes them to new ideas and activities while they learn to communicate with older or younger children. Girls and boys move to the next group when they are ready to cope with its new demands. We encourage our pre-school children to work individually and in groups to develop both their ability to concentrate as well as their skills to interact with peers. In preparation for primary school we follow the foundation stage of the national curriculum which provides a firm, broad basis for their future education. We firmly believe, however, that play is vital to a child’s development so we encourage creative activities and imaginative games such as papier mache, water play, cooking and dressing-up. Drama, singing and dance sessions are also hugely popular with children and they help to build a child’s confidence.